Lately, Economic chaos like the trade wars, the Covid-19 outbreak, the oil crisis, and Brexit have a great impact on businesses around the world, so how do think, and making-decision in these conditions?

Thinking strategically is the best approach for your personal and business life. It has a procedural flow that should be a habit in your mind. It considers all of the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses altogether.

In this course, you make a specific time for yourself and improve your mind and abilities far from all of detracting issues.


  • Develop your strategic thinking ability
  • Make strategic thinking a habit
  • How to be more agile and fit for today’s rapid changes
  • Increase the likelihood of success of your projects and professional life
  • How to have quick responses to problems
  • Change and upgrade your personal and professional framework


  • Airplane ticket (two ways)
  • Accommodation in 4 stars hotel
  • Airport transportation
  • 4 breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • 1 dinner
  • Course and certifications
  • Insurance


  • Departure taxes from Iran
  • Imam Khomeini airport transportation


  • certificate

Itinerary Detail

Day 1: Arrival and warm welcome

The start of your journey is from Imam Khomeini International airport (IKA) with a light air trip (about 2 and half hours) to Istanbul airport (IST). Our vans are waiting for you at the airport to have a calm and safe transfer to the hotel.

After a short rest, and placing baggage, we go sightseeing on Esteghlal Avenue (İstiklâl Caddesi) altogether. Our visit continues along this street and its monuments. like Çiçek Pasajı, Galatasaray High School, and etc. our walking is to the side of Narmanlı Han for dinner time.

Day 2: The start of the Education journey

The breakfast will be served in the hotel, which is also near the classroom, so please attend the classroom before 9:30 am TRT time.

On the first day, we have a short introduction to each other. It caused to make a friendly and cooperative atmosphere between students and the lecturer.

The class will be until evening (17:00 local time TRT) with two break times and one lunch-time that is included in the tour package.

Day 3: Works best for the most

This day is the turning point in your education journey, so please bring all of your ability to act. This day’s class will be held from 9:30 to 17:00 like yesterday but with a lot of class activity, queries, and examples.

You should build your critical and strategic approach in your mind. You should do it repeatedly to make it from a thinking way to a habit.

Day 4: Time and Opportunities Are Running out

This day is the last day of your class. The class is part-time (from 9:30 morning to 13:00 TRT local time) and will be ended before lunchtime.

After that, you are free for your leisure time until night. We will have a delicious dinner for the goodbye party on the last night of this course and in this beautiful city.

Day 5: The last seconds

After breakfast, All of the student travelers are ready for departure at the airport.

A group photo, new friends, new connections, and certifications will be the best souvenirs from this journey for yourself and your business.

Terms and Conditions

How much is the insurance for the travel for each person?

about 100 billion rials (3,000 US dollars) for injured and bodily disabilities. And 2x more of that for accidental death.

What documents are essential for this tour package?

Although a passport is the only official document for your travel, having 5-year executive management is necessary for participation.

How can I cancel my travel course?

You should cancel your travel at least 12 days before departure. In this condition, you can pay back 70% of your payment. After this date, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to return any payment.

Can I travel with my husband/wife? Or my children?

Yes. It’s possible to have fellow–travelers with you. But please check with Landa trip for accommodation, an airplane ticket, and so on.


It was amazing leisure and educational time for me. The behavior of tutor was so respectful. The only issue was the lack of free time in Istanbul.

Thanks for your comment.

This travel course changes my mind. I feel upgraded in my thinking way to the world

The course was fantastic, but the distance between the hotel and the classroom was long for me.

Thanks your a lot.

Just magnificent mate.

This course was elegant work dude.

I want to learn this kind of style! Teach me more.

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