Photography is a prominent point in digital marketing. So if you need to develop your skill in it. We recommend focusing on your photography technics with a practical course, not only a theoretical one.

Fortunately, whether you have an expensive DSLR camera or a middle smartphone, you will learn the fundamentals of composition and exposure to create content in an exploring documentary in this course.

This course travel also goes beyond the "technical" matters and teaches how to make exciting pictures by emphasizing the aspects of Vantage Point to interpret old subjects like historic buildings and neighborhoods in new ways.

Outdoor photography often has unexpected conditions, so discovering accessories that photographers find helpful and the types of camera bags, from mini to carry-on sized, which can help you, is also in store for you.


  • Learn about photographic techniques from professional photographers
  • Enjoy the lessons and loads of fun under the supervision of a professional guide
  • Experience the educational vocation
  • Engage in rare vacation experiences
  • Make new friends with fellow adrenaline
  • Staying in quality accommodations
  • Dive into your surroundings on fantastic excursions
  • Have the opportunity to explore a beautiful country
  • Enjoy hands-on, immersive activities


  • Charter bus
  • Accommodation in Ecotourism
  • 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner, 2 lunch
  • Course and certification
  • Insurance


  • Camera and equipment


  • certificate

Itinerary Detail

Day 1: Start of the adventure

Our Tour starts in the early morning because we have much work to do after a short trip to Gharneh Village, a historic and beautiful village near Esfahan. We have a stopover there for breakfast and an initial section of photography courses. This location is for our rural and urban environment practices. You can try indoor locations and closed outdoor areas under the supervision of your coach.

Afterward, we have a garment lunch in one of the historical houses and go to the village’s gardens. We try natural subjects for photography, from fauna and flora, reptiles, and mammals to birds.

We shouldn’t lose a fantastic gathering around the fire in the night with refreshments and a light dinner in the ecolodge.

Day 2: Painful Return

Our day starts before sunrise, so don’t miss out take amazing photos of it in the landscape of the vase desert. You can capture these magic light beams that come out among sand hills with the guidance of our coach. The Breakfast in the desert is a unique experience that you will never find it again.

Getting Lost in the desert, far from any person or village, only by a 4-wheel drive, relax your unrest. You are free to go everywhere, in every direction. You are alone. Enjoy every moment.

The evening is the last gathering for taking a group snapshot of our new friends. It will maintain in your memory forever.

Terms and Conditions

How much is the insurance for the travel for each person?

About 100 billion rials (3,000 US dollars) for injured and bodily disabilities. And 2x more of that for accidental death.

What documents are essential for this tour package?

Although a passport is the only official document for your travel, having 5-year executive management is necessary for participation.

How can I cancel my travel course?

You should cancel your travel at least 12 days before departure. In this condition, you can pay back 70% of your payment. After this date, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to return any payment.

Can I travel with my husband/wife? Or my children?

Yes. It’s possible to have fellow–travelers with you. But please check with Landa trip for accommodation, an airplane ticket, and so on.


This is an elegant travel course. You learn many tips in your fun travel. Don’t miss it.

I will try it again.

I suggest going to it, but the spring is better.

Yes, some seasons are better, but we have the air conditioning on the bus or ecolodge for your convenience.

It has many activities that exhaust you.

I tried it two times. Each time has a different experience.

I think I'm crying. It's that amazing; I can’t believe it.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothes in the winter and at night.

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