Nowadays the internet is the most important tool for presenting and selling almost products. And websites are the front end of this trend. If you like to have a popular website for promoting your services and products, SEO tips are essential.

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of gaining a better place in search engine results for target keywords in target areas and markets.

In this travel course, we learn about tips and tricks to use robot’s search engines for benefit of us. We learn, what to do on our websites and how to find and plan for Search engine optimization.


  • Learning about google algorithms
  • A competitive analysis on a webpage
  • Get an understanding of how search engines SEO work
  • Submit your website to Google and make it easier for search engines to index your site
  • Keyword research
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Learn how to create backlinks from verified and reliable resources
  • Avoid Negative SEO work


  • Airplane ticket (two ways)
  • Accommodation in 4 stars hotel
  • Airport transportation
  • 4 breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • 1 dinner
  • Course and certifications
  • Insurance


  • • The airport transportation


  • certificate

Itinerary Detail

Day 1: Welcome to Kish Island

After a short air trip to Kish Island in the morning. We will transfer and check in at the hotel. Evening leisure time is a friendly meeting in one of the beautiful coffee shops near legacy beach. All of the students and the tutor will be introduced to each other for a friendly journey and education.

Day 2: The course is going on, Are you ready?

After eating breakfast in the hotel, only a short walking necessary to arrive at the classroom. The start of class is 9:00 am and you have two short breaks and one lunchtime until 5:00 pm, which is the end.

In this class, you learn what SEO is, why to use of, and how google algorithms work.

It’s rational that theoretical content is more than practical on the first day but you should absorb them.

Day 3: The practical analysis starts

Like yesterday, the class hour is the same, but the content is turning from theoretical and PowerPoint to practical analysis of the businesses. Your businesses have a competitor and keyword analysis by the cooperation of the others. It’s one of the unique advantages in the above of similar courses.

You should take note of the comments and do them after the course.

Day 4: Apply your knowledge

This day is the last day of your class. The class is part-time (from 9:30 morning to 13:00) and will be ended before lunchtime.

It’s time to apply your new knowledge to your business website in a practical way on your laptop or PC’s classroom.

Day 5: The last seconds

After breakfast, all of the student travelers are ready for departure at the airport.

A group photo, new friends, new connections, and certifications will be the best souvenirs from this journey for yourself and your business.

Terms and Conditions

How much is the insurance for the travel for each person?

About 100 billion rials (3,000 US dollars) for injured and bodily disabilities. And 2x more of that for accidental death.

What documents are essential for this tour package?

Although a passport is the only official document for your travel, having 5-year executive management is necessary for participation.

How can I cancel my travel course?

You should cancel your travel at least 12 days before departure. In this condition, you can pay back 70% of your payment. After this date, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to return any payment.

Can I travel with my husband/wife? Or my children?

Yes. It’s possible to have fellow–travelers with you. But please check with Landa trip for accommodation, an airplane ticket, and so on.


I can understand the process of ranking in google results in this course. I will start to apply all of the tips in my online business from tomorrow.

Now I can add SEO service to my website building service. I like to have a longer course.

Highly excellent! Recommend for all online business owners.

Very elegant experience, with new friends. But I like to have a longer and more practical class activity. Too many questions waste the time of the class. I like to be more.

This atmosphere has navigated right into my heart.

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