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What is Landa Trip?

Landa trip is an innovative start-up company that creates, promotes, and runs useful educational courses for all interested people and businesses. These courses have a wide range from soft to hard and academic skills. These courses are held in many countries and are selected among the best institutes and lecturers in each field and specialty. We have defined standards for all travel and education courses. Our mission is to meet all quality and performance standards. So, our endeavor is to create the best services for hassle-free travel for you.

Why should I choose Landa Trip

Landa Trip is an online platform with the best options and offers for its users. In the following, we mention some of the most convincing reasons for choosing landa trip platform.

  • Landa trip Save your cost

    In the tours run by Landa Trip, both students and teachers save cost. The student’s cost decreases by dividing money among the group members. As a result, the teacher’s income will be increased by raising the student’s numbers.

  • Join into a peer group with landa trip

    In landa trip tours, you will be added to a peer group which is related to your profession or the field in which you are trained. It helps you to collaborate with your group members and grow up with the help of your peer group.

  • Landa trip expands your connections

    Landa Trip expands your local and international connections. As a student, you will find people with the same goals and skills and as a teacher, you will cooperate with other professional teachers and you can boost your experience and expand your connections.

  • Visa and travel management with Landa Trip

    By adding to the landa trip platform, every action about travel management will be done by the landa trip professional team.

  • Payment guarantee by Landa Trip

    With landa trip, you will experience a safe payment and transaction. You will never have any concern about your financial payments. The cost of your tour will be kept during the whole trip, and if a problem occurs, the cost will be returned according to the law. For more information, call our experts.

What are the benefits of Landa Trip

  • Extensive network
  • Variety of tours
  • Competitive market among the best international teachers around the world
  • Save and reduce costs by dividing and sharing costs in the group
  • Traveling with people with the same and common goals and professions
  • Amazing times with other companions
  • A valid certificate which can be shared in linked-in

Who is the Landa Trip platform for

Landa trip platform is used by various groups of people including students, teachers, travel agencies, etc. In the following, we will mention and explain all of them for you.

  • Landa trip platform for students

    The students can acquire new skills and get acquainted with the labor. market in a practical way from the best tutors and employees.

  • Landa trip platform for teachers

    If you are a teacher and you want to increase your knowledge, experience and expand your connections, landa trip platform is the best choice for you.

  • Landa trip for travel agencies

    Landa Trip also has good offers for travel agencies. They can earn a lot of profit by bulk selling their tours through cooperation with Landa Trip.

  • Landa trip for public and private sector employers

    Obtaining new skills coincide with updating and upgrading expertise to improve personal and cooperation level for one group of the employers. Landa trip will help you to reach your goals.

  • Landa trip for interested Persons

    Landa Trip can be used by interested people or those who are willing to be a part of our platform. Fill in the gap between university and the labor market with some skills that aren't taught in the universities, like soft and practical skills.

How does the Landa trip platform work

Landa Trip is an online platform where students and teachers can register separately on the website. As a student or teacher, you should fill out the form and complete your personal profile to make an AI or match making model that helps you with the best suggestions. In landa trip, you are evaluated with the help of artificial intelligence and the best offers will be provided for you. Also, according to your background and interests, Landa Trip will form the most appropriate group for you.